Rainy Day Activities

Adoption Foster Care Parenting Tips

Here is a list of fun activities that you can do with your child when you can’t go outside. Some of these may seem simple, but keep in mind, if you haven’t done these with your foster or adoptive child, then it’s likely that they have never done them before. Go make a happy memory!

  • Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - Use alphabet magnets or just write out every letter of the alphabet on a separate piece of paper. Spread the letters out on the floor and have your kids find an object in your house that starts with each letter.
  • Monster Paper Bag Puppets - Make monster puppets out of paper lunch bags. Pull out the construction paper and googly eyes and see who can make the silliest monster.
  • Indoor Obstacle Course - Get creative with the space you have! Figure out what the kids can go over & under. Use masking or painters tape to add a balance beam or a hopscotch area. Have them hop like a frog, do a bear walk, or a crab walk. This is great for energetic kids who can’t go outside.
  • Tape Road - Make a road on your floor with masking or painters tape. Bring out the matchbox cars. Legos or Lincoln logs could be used to add buildings along the road.
  • Have a Dance Party - Play your kids favorite music and dance away! You could also play some old songs like the Twist or the Hokey Pokey.
  • Favorite Thing - What is your kid’s favorite thing to do? Do that with them, even if you don’t enjoy it! I play video games with my teenagers sometimes. I’m horrible, but I know they love it when I hang out with them.
  • Movie Night in the Daytime - Pick a family favorite and watch it together. Be sure to do research about the movie first. There are many children’s movies that might be sensitive for foster and adoptive children. Make sure you know what your child can handle.
  • Tray Memorization Game - Get a cookie sheet and cover it with several items, such as a Lego, a paperclip, a fork, a toy car, a Barbie shoe, etc. Let your kids look at the cookie sheet for about 20 seconds, then cover it up with a towel. If they are old enough, have them write down everything that they remember. If not, they can take turns saying one item that they remember. You could try another round where you take something away from the cookie sheet and see if they remember what’s missing. We even play this at restaurants sometimes when we wait for our food!
  • Bubble Wrap – I once watched our youngest pop bubble wrap non-stop for more than 30 minutes. He stayed with it until every bubble was popped. Our kids love when a package arrives with bubble wrap. They pop it with their hands and their feet. If it’s big enough, they even roll on it.
  • Scavenger Photo Hunt - Make a list of things for the kids to get a picture of. Here’s some fun ideas: 30 toes, someone doing a headstand, someone wearing 4 layers of clothes, batteries, black socks, flip flops, a penny, someone wearing a hat, a dice, something with wheels, a stuffed animal, something red, etc.
  • Cardboard Box - Kids love cardboard boxes. If you have a box that your child can sit in, you can help them decorate the box to look like a racecar, a train, a pirate ship, a spaceship, or an airplane. A box can also turn into a castle, a house, or a fort. You could even make a maze, if you had a lot of boxes. There are endless possibilities and hours of fun.
  • Fun in the Bathtub - Cut up pool noodles and put them in the bathtub. Or get some bubbles and let them blow away. They could even get their goggles and swimming clothes on.
  • Board Games - Our adoptive kids love board games. We think part of the reason is because they have our full attention during these times. Board games are also a great time to help them work on taking turns and being patient when it’s not their turn. Kids can be very hurt when they lose. Make sure to talk about how it’s fun to play, even if you don’t win. It’s also important to make sure that you aren’t always letting them win.
  • Tie-Dyed Milk – Here’s an easy science experiment to try. All you need is milk, food coloring (4 colors), liquid dish soap, and a shallow dish. First, add milk to the dish until it is around 1/2” deep. Next, add one drop of 4 different colors of the food coloring. Then add a few drops of the liquid soap in the middle of the dish. Have your kids make observations. What happened when the soap was added? Here’s more information.
  • Build a Fort - Pull out a bunch of blankets, sheets, and pillows, then make a fort. You could even eat lunch in the fort.
  • Have a Tea Party – Before the tea party, everyone should get dressed up. That means a dress and heels ladies! Let your kids pick out their fancy clothes (a princess dress will do just fine). Then sit down and enjoy a snack with your tea.
  • Dust Off Some Toys - Pull a box of toys out of the closet that they haven’t played with for a long time. We keep several things put away, such as Thomas the Tank Engine train set. Our youngest boys will play with them for 2 or 3 days when we get the trains out. Then the excitement wears off and we put them back in the box. Three months later, we get them out again!
  • Make Your Own Play-Doh - You probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry. Homemade Play-Doh is the best kind. Here are some directions.
  • Go Outside - If there’s no lightning, go play in the rain with your kids! They will never forget it!

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