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Can I go on a little rant? This is one of my biggest “pet” peeves. When we started looking into adoption, we quickly realized that the term had been hijacked by the pet community. 

Look up the definition and it is pretty clear that the word was intended to refer to people caring for people. In fact, that is exactly why the pet community uses it. It humanizes dog and cats – and pretty effectively I think.

Adoption is a solemn decision that is rooted in love. It is not something you enter into lightly. It isn’t for the birds. Or the dogs. Using the same term for both is a bit demeaning.

The pet community has had so much success using this phrase online that you sometimes have to wade through search results to stay on track. Products referring to dogs and humans are often sold side by side. That doesn’t feel good.

Do us a favor and make more noise online about human Adoption. Use #Adoption when you tweet about human Adoption. Talk openly about human Adoption on Facebook.

Kids aren’t animals – and we don’t ever want them to feel that way.

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